Costa Rica - Cordillera De Fuego Termico - 12oz - MICROLOT

Costa Rica - Cordillera De Fuego Termico - 12oz - MICROLOT

  • COFFEE NOTES: Raspberry, Mandarin Orange, Hibiscus, Sweet & Sugary
  • BODY: Medium
  • ACIDITY: Bright
  • PROCESS: Termico

The Termico (Thermic) Process
The Termico process is a new, experimental coffee process invented by don Luis Campos of Cordillera de Fuego. The process starts with cherries picked at their ripest, allowing them to have a high sugar content and thus feeding the Termico process. The semi-washed coffee is then heated with some of the coffee mucilage left on the bean. The exposure to the heat starts to breakdown the natural sugars of the coffee cherries, partially caramelizing them. This inventive process gives the coffee an exceptionally sweet and fruity flavor as well as a round and balanced cup.

Don Luis Campos
The owner and founder of Cordillera de Fuego, don Luis Campos, purchased his farm in 1984 shortly after graduating from university. Over the past 10 years don Luis has been experimenting with different coffee processing methods such as natural, honeys, thermic (termico) and anaerobic. In addition to quality innovation the farm and wet mill joined the national group NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions) in 2017 with the objective as a group to reach reduction emissions of green house gases within the coffee sector. One of the biggest projects they have done is the installation of solar panels, with these panels the main office is able to run off of 100% solar energy plus the solar panel also supply more than 50% of the energy for the wet mill.

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